Premier League game to watch this week

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Premier League has always with a lot of drama lately and here is one game you should not miss.

The Premier League has been in action and has been given different drama since its resumption after the World cup games.

Arsenal remains top of the League table with Manchester City behind the Gunners as the title race continue.

Newcastle United and Manchester United follow suit as Tottenham hotspurs drop points and slipped to 5th position.

As the title race continue and team struggle to make it into the top 4 of league here is on Premier League you should not miss.

Chelsea will host Manchester City in the Premier League and this will be an incredible game to watch.

First and foremost, Manchester City are chasing the league leader Arsenal following the Etihad disappointing draw against Everton last week.

This would have hurt Pep Guardiola as he doesn’t want to joke with the league despite being second on the table.

Seeing Arsenal drop points against Newcastle United in the League last night will serve as another motivation for the team to close the gap.

Currently, the Etihad side are 8 points behind Gunners and will reduce that to 5 points if the can get a win against the Blues.

Meanwhile, Graham Potter side has been in poor form as they also dropped points against bottom side Nottingham Forest last week.

The Blues are in the 10th position on the League and will go to the 7th position on the league table with a win over Manchester City.

Chelsea are seeking to get into the top 4 this season three points against City will boost their chance to compete in the Champions League next season.

This game is very important to both teams and will be a tough game for but teams in the league.

Its actually not a really predictable but nevertheless the Etihad side has an upper hand in the game as they are better in form in the Premier League than Chelsea.





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