Ronaldo: That’s why I am back to the club.

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Ronaldo reveals why he came back to Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo stole a late show last night against Villareal in the Champions League to deliver three points to the team.

Manchester United found it tough at Old Trafford against a well-organized Spanish side Villarreal.

While speaking with BT sport after the game Ronaldo said: “This is why I came back – I miss this club a lot.”

The Portuguese emphasis that he wants to bring back the glory and he admits he is ready to push the team.

“I have history with this club and I want to do it again, not only for me but to push the team,” he added.

United were in tough position after they were defeated by Young Boys in their opening game and might be tough to move to the next round it they didn’t get three points against Villarreal.

“If we did not get the (three) points today, it would be tough to go through to the next stage,” he said.

“But now everything is possible, everything is open and we believe we’ll go through.”

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