Sportscliffs: Racism eating the heart of football

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Football is a game of passion and it should not cause a form of hate due to the colour of the skin and the race, no room for racism.

Football is meant to be a game of passion for its lovers but has turn out to be a game of hate to a particular people.

The game was supposed to celebrate the people and players involved and lift them up when they fail in some aspect.

It should never be determined by race or colour but the case is now different has players suffers on social media when the fails to impact their team for a single match.

I wonder how fans forget so easily what these players have done for their club and their country, just to forget that and call them out on social media.

In 2014 the anti-discrimination group stated this: “During the 2013-14 season, 50% of all complaints submitted to us from across the game related to social media abuse. The issue has been escalating and we urge fellow social media users to assist in bringing this type of abuse to the attention of the authorities by reporting directly to True Vision.”

Players have suffered so much in the English league as they are been called out week in week out.

Crystal Palace player Wilfred Zaha is one player that has suffered in the hands of the racist on social media.

In 2021 the winger was called out on social media for doing is job right after his side got a win against Manchester City.

The winger took to his Instagram page to post numbers of screenshot of racial abuse sent to him.

The winger further stated this on his social media page then: “This message isn’t for me to get a million messages saying we stand with you and it’s disgusting or about me getting sympathy,” Zaha posted on his Instagram story.

“I’m not here for all the nonsense that is being done instead of fixing the actual problem!

“I don’t mind abuse because nowadays it comes with doing the job I do even though it’s not an excuse but my colour will always be the real problem but it’s fine because I’ll always be BLACK AND PROUD!

“Speak to me when you actual take this issue serious.”

Chelsea defender James Reece also suffered racial abuse and took to his social media page to say this: “something needs to change” and says Instagram, Twitter and Facebook “must do more”.

This is really disheartening after these players have gone through thick and thin to give their best to their team but all supporters could do is abuse them racially.

Manchester United Wingers Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho and also Arsenal player Bukayo Saka also were called after the missed penalty in the Euro cup against Italy.

A man who livestreamed himself on Facebook racially abusing three England football players after the Euro 2020 final has been jailed.

Jonathon Best, 52, posted a rant about Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who missed penalties in the shootout against Italy which England lost.

Though the man was jailed for his actions for 10 weeks but the abuse on players still do not stop.

Several things have been done to curb this against players who give their all to entertain their fans but it still continues.

Kneel taking was proposed before the game in other to fight racism but all of this still do not work.

Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso stated that he will rather point to the badge that says no room for racism than kneel down.

He further stated that he felt the campaign is losing its strength in that way but insists he is fully against racism.

“I am fully against racism and I’m against every type of discrimination, and I just prefer to put my finger to the badge where it says no to racism, like they do in some other sports and football in other countries,” Alonso said in an interview.

“I prefer to do it this way and, of course, to say very clearly that I am against racism and I respect everybody.”

When asked whether or not his decision to stop taking the knee had anything to do with politics, Alonso said: “I don’t know, I just prefer to do it this way. It’s my way to do it, I think it’s another way.

“And maybe I think it’s losing a bit of strength the other way, so I just prefer to do it this way and to show I am fully supportive of fighting against racism.”

Well, I will like to stop my pen here and will love to say this, the game should not be about colour or race as everyone should be seen has human.

Players are going through a lot in other to give their maximum effort but they should not be pulled down.

Sportscliffs stand against racism. “No room for racism”.

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