Sympathy for Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira

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Frank Lampard felt for Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira following a pitch invasion and a clash with an Everton fan.

Everton boss Frank Lampard felt pity for Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira and also offered his support following the pitch invasion at Goodison park.

Crystal Palace squandered a first half 2-0 lead to Everton after the game ended 3-2 to keep Lampard side safe in the Premier League.

After the game the Frenchman was seen racing down to their dressing room with lots of fans on the pitch.

“I feel for Patrick,” he said. “I didn’t get him at the end. I would have said, ‘come in with us’ – although he might not have wanted that.

“Of course he ran 80 yards across the pitch and it’s not easy.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Vieira was filmed having an altercation with an Everton fan on the pitch at Goodison Park during the post-match pitch invasion.

Vieira was walking across the pitch towards his team’s dressing room at the other side of the ground when an Everton fan approached him, prompting a reaction from the Palace boss.

Vieira was asked about it in his post-match press conference and said: “I’ve got nothing to say about that.”

Vieira said he was satisfied with how the pitch invasion was managed, adding: “The referee managed it really well.”

On the pitch invasion itself Lampard said: “It was pure elation of fans who have come on the pitch after avoiding relegation. Let them have their moment.

“If it’s done in the right way, and there aren’t scenes like we had the other night, let them run onto the pitch. That’s what is football is about. What are we going to do? Handcuff them to the seats? So long as they behave themselves, no problem.”




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