Tuchel: we were the better team, we just got punished

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Thomas Tuchel claims his side were punished but believed they deserved the whole three points against Leicester City.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel believed his side were the better team against Leicester City in the Premier League following their 1-1 draw.

The host went behind after Maddison’s outside shot beat Mendy to put the Foxes ahead of the Blues.

Leicester City party was over after 29 minutes of their lead after Chelsea’s wing back Marcos Alonso volleyed in to the ball to draw level in the first half.

The game ended 1-1 but Tuchel believed his side were dominant and deserved the whole three points.

“We were the better team and deserved to win,’ he stated. ‘We did what was needed and got a point. We did not allow anything, no chances for Leicester, but we got punished with a shot outside the box.

“We created enough to win, did not allow transitions or chances so I’m absolutely fine with the performance. It’s a bit of a broken record – we did not take what we deserved but I think it was okay what we did.”

The German further praised his team for their effort to secure a third-place finish despite the issues faced by the club.

“It’s the story of the season. We need an assist from a wing-back and a goal from a wing-back. You can see the numbers of our offensive players and you can see the numbers from the teams in front of us.

“Still today was the day we secured third place, we have been all season in the top three and we have in mind where we come from. We had some obstacles to overcome and some circumstances around the club which was not easy so full credit to the team.

“It is a big step in consistency for us and maybe it doesn’t feel like this because the gap is so big to the top two teams. We have stuff to improve and we are the first ones to admit that.”

Tuchel further praised his midfielder Ngolo Kante and added that he has been their key play but was not involve in most of the games due to his fitness and hope the Frenchman can feature more next season.

“I think he is our key, key player but key players need to be on the pitch. He plays only 40 per cent of the games and it’s maybe a miracle we arrive in third place because he is our Mo Salah, Van Dijk or De Bruyne. He is the guy who makes the difference so if you only have him 40 per cent it’s a huge problem.

“I saw Liverpool last season without Van Dijk and they struggled heavily. N’Golo is our key player and he needs to be on the pitch.”




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