Thomas Tuchel sends message to Chelsea’s team

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Thomas Tuchel has send a vital message to his Chelsea team ahead of the new season.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel stated that the team needs push themselves and also drop their egos as they prepare for the new season.

Tuchel who claims he is happy with the group he has at hand insists emphasize on the need to build strong team in a right atmosphere.

“For me it’s very important. It’s the foundation to push yourself. The level of respect, ambition, the level you can leave your ego in the dressing room or even in the hotel. Maybe you don’t even have an ego!” Thomas jokes. “This is very important to build a strong group.

“Football is, and always will be, a team sport. For this you need a certain atmosphere, and this is what we are trying to create. The players are a fantastic group, how they are with each other. The combination with the staff is very ambitious, but a very respectful group of people. It is nice.

“We are very happy. We have a very strong group who are hard-working, very nice group of players. They like to be with each other. They train intensely, and they are very ambitious. It is very nice to be around them, Tuchel.

“We’ve been together a long time now and there’s still a whole week to go. It’s a very nice group of players and characters, so we are very happy.”

The Blues will now play Charlotte FC and Arsenal before they flight back to London this weekend.



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