Todd Boehly beg Chelsea fans to be patient with the club

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Todd Boehly has urged patience from Chelsea fans and promised that they will ‘figure it out’.

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly plead for patience with the club fans and promise them there will be a way out soon.

The Blues are on a dismal run of form that has seen them slip down to 12th in the Premier League.

Boehly has splashed out more than £600million in transfer, but they cannot seem to get it right.

He has already sacked two managers and have lost six in a row under caretaker boss Frank Lampard.

Speaking at the Milken Institue’s Global Conference, Boehly said: “It’s such a global sport. Unlike in the US, there’s no unions so there’s a market for top players in every country in the world.

“Each one of those markets is different. You’ve got the Portuguese market, the French market, the English market.

“The ability to go to these markets and you have to build a team and your coach is the conductor of the team.

“There’s a lot we’ve learnt about the different markets and the global aspect of it all.

“The fans are demanding and they want to win, we get that. We want to win.

“Our view is that this is a long-term project and we’re committed to the long term. We very much believe we are going to figure it out.

“We’ve got the best league in the world, what I think is the top city in the world and we’ve got an unbelievable location in the top city in the world.”


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