Tuchel claims the players will give their all

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Thomas Tuchel claims his players will give their all amid sanctions from Government, says they are fully focus on Newcastle game.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel claims that the spirit is the high among the squad despite sanctions from the UK Government.

The Blues face prospect of a change of ownership and sanctions against the current owner Roman Abramovic.

Speaking ahead of the game against Newcastle United in the Premier League after few days of getting three points against Norwich Tuchel said his team are trying their best to focus on the game they have next and not the noise surrounding the club.

“As long as we have a fixture and as long as we have enough shirts and as long as the bus is full of fuel we will be there, we will be competitive and we will be there in the best spirit because we love the game,” said our head coach.

“This is what everyone can be sure of and this is what we demand of ourselves. When it’s a big storm you dig in and you hold together and hold strong and get through it.

“It’s always the best way for a football team, to carry on winning. Of course also for us it’s maybe at the moment a bit more difficult because of the noise. There will be some players who feel uncertainty, some will maybe be a bit frightened, some will be concerned. It’s normal.

“It’s also not only about the players. We have a lot of people in the staff and in the club who are maybe also worried and scared and uncertain. That’s why it’s very important that we keep the trust and the belief in the training centre, in all of us, and we rely on ourselves and in the end allow ourselves to be the guys who take care of the sport, because we did not cause the situation, we cannot solve the situation.

“So it can also I think give us a little bit the freedom in the end to still enjoy what we are doing and still follow the responsibility to give everything and what we demand from ourselves. This is what we do and I am happy that we can still produce results and performances. We will be on it again to be ready for Sunday.”

Speaking about Newcastle game Tuchel admits that the Magpies are strong as they have produced positive result in recent games.

“It will be a difficult one because Newcastle is very strong. It’s a different Newcastle and they produce a lot of results so I’m expecting a very tough game.

“At the moment we try to have the focus right and try to have the attitude right and the guys do this in a very impressive way and we need it on Sunday.”





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