Tuchel on changing style of play next season

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Thomas Tuchel side ended the season with a third position in the Premier League but will he change his style of play next season?

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has spoken on whether he will change the style of play for next season or stick with a back three.

The German has been effective with a back three formation since he arrived from Paris Saint Germain to replace former manager Frank Lampard.

Tuchel won the Champions League ahead of Manchester City with that formation last season but have been asked if he will change the formation.

“I don’t think it’s a problem of structure that we have because we delivered on a very high level with performances.

“We’re looking in every direction but I think the structure suits our players very well like Thiago Silva and our midfielders in the build-up, as well as Reece James and Ben Chilwell because they have a bit more freedom to attack on the sides.

“There were some reasons to play this structure and the way we played it was very successful, on a high level very stable so actually it’s not the plan to change it but maybe we are forced to.

“It’s no problem to adapt or find solutions but the problem is that we are simply forced to be passive and this is what we don’t like.”



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