Tuchel: We aren’t Champions League favourite.

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Thomas Tuchel claims Chelsea are not Champions League favourite.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says that they are not Champions League favourite ahead of Juventus game.

Chelsea will be in Turin to play Juventus and they have to do it with out N’golo Kante who is out with Covid-19.

Mason Mount, James Reece and Christian Pulisic will not be on the pitch to face the Italian club.

Speaking ahead of the match Tuchel said: “Maybe people will pay more attention to us now. It’s hard to be seen as underdogs when you’ve just won the title”.

“We came from a role not as favourites last season and we got better with every match and grew in confidence.

“We were seen as contenders very late in the competition. That can sometimes help. Now it is easy to make us the favourites.

“There’s a higher motivation to play against us. We have to accept this. It’s our fault, we have won this competition. We like the role to come a bit from the outside.

“I don’t think we are favourites, but we’ve shown people what we are capable of. We have to make ourselves free from these expectations and (make sure) these expectations do not become our expectations”.

Juventus have struggled in the Serie A this season and just got their first win in the competition last weekend.

On Juventus struggle.

Tuchel believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s who left the Italian team for Manchester United formed part of their struggle this season.

“Time will tell, but it’s not a secret that any team without Ronaldo will not be the same,’ he said, as he prepares to face Juventus for the first time in his career.

“But they have a lot of talent, a very experienced coach, they’re a proud club who are used to winning.

“We play Juventus at Juventus. We must respect the quality and tradition of this club.

“We also need to regroup and with determination to bounce back from our defeat against Manchester City.”

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