Verratti believes PSG will attack Real Madrid at Bernabeu

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Marco Verratti believes PSG will not defend their one goal advantage against Real Madrid as he claims they have attackers that can do damage to the Spanish side’s defense.

Paris Saint Garmain midfielder Marco Verratti believes the French club will still launch an attack on Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League rather than defending their winning advantage.

PSG will travel to Madrid for the second leg of the Champions League after a slim advantage in the first leg of the competition.

Speaking ahead of the game Verratti said they have got a slight advantage in the game and that doesn’t mean they will go out there to defend as it is not there playing style.

“I don’t think we can think about the first leg and the result too much. It’s like we played the first half and we’ve still got the second half to play. We’ve got a slight advantage but that doesn’t mean anything, we can’t just look to defend, especially because that’s not our style of play.  And we don’t know how to do that.”

He added that they need to be strong mentally in the game and put all their effort in the game as 80 percent effort will not be enough against Real Madrid in the game.

“I think we need to be strong mentally, and stay true to ourselves.  We’ll need to try and play our game and be at 100%, whether it’s mentally or technically. Individually we need to be ready too because it will be crucial to win the battles in defence and in midfield. We need to do our best to put in a big performance because against Madrid 80% won’t be enough. They won’t give us anything for free. We’ll need to earn this qualification and go there to win.”

Verratti insists he and his team mates will put on a great performance in other to kill the game as he claims they have players that can do damage to Real Madrid on the counter attack.

“We have to put in a great performance. We will have to do even better than what we did at the Parc, because we know that these players, at home, will inevitably play differently. We know what it takes to win a match. I think that with the players we have, we can control the match.

“We also have a team that can play on the counter-attack, because with the speed we have up front, with great players who can pass, with Messi, Neymar Jr, Di Maria, Kylian, when we have space, we can be even more dangerous. We know this team and we will prepare for this match as we prepared for the first leg, in the best possible way. I’m sure we’ll be ready.”





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