Weghorst explains himself for touching Liverpool badge

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Wout Weghorst has given a bizarre explanation for touching the ‘This is Anfield’ sign before Manchester United’s hammering by Liverpool.

Manchester United striker Wout Weghorst was filmed touching the famous sign above the tunnel before Sunday’s 7-0 defeat at the hands of the Reds.

United fans were quick to criticize the Dutchman after seeing the footage, so much so that he gave a lengthy explanation on social media.

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He said: “Normally I never react on media topics, but for this one it’s worth it because you amazing United fans are so important to me.

“So I just want to clarify the video that is doing the rounds.

“From the national team, I know that Virgil [van Dijk] always touches that sign and the only intention I had was to stop him touching it and wind him up before the game.

“As a child I always supported FC Twente, and as a proud player now for Manchester United, my dedication to this incredible club can never be questioned.

“Sunday was a terrible day for all of us, we are putting everything into making it right in the next weeks.

“We will bounce back together and achieve our aims this season.”


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