Mancini becomes emotional after victory.

Mancini becomes emotional after victory.

Mancini short of words after his Italian team lift the European trophy.

Italy manager Roberto Mancini feels emotional after the penalty shootout victory against England.

The Italian fought back after going down in the first 2 minutes of the first half after Luke Shaw’s strike.

The Italian scored in the second half of the game to draw level as they claim the competition on penalty.

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Mancini was emotional after he added another trophy to his cabinet after missing out in the world cup three years ago.

Speaking with the media Mancini said: “It (crying) was the emotion which happens after achieving something incredible. It was the emotion of seeing the guys celebrate and the fans in the stands.

“Seeing everything we have managed to create, all of the hard work we have put in over the last three years but specifically the last 50 days which have been very hard.”

The former Manchester City manager hails his player after an incredible performance in the tournament.

“It was impossible even to just consider this at one stage, but the guys were just amazing. I have no words for them, this is a wonderful group.

“This was a difficult game made a lot harder after their early goal. Apart from that early spell, we dominated the match.”

He further stated that in the game of penalty a bit of luck is need and he feel sorry for the England team as they had a great tournament as well.

“You have to have a little luck on penalties. I feel a little sorry for England, because they also had a great tournament.

“The team has grown a lot and I think we can improve further. We are very happy for all Italians. I have no words for these guys!”


Mancini becomes emotional after victory.
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