Ancelotti: We are not pleased with Benzema departure

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Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that Real Madrid are not pleased with the departure of striker Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has stated that Karim Benzema departure came as a surprise to the Spanish club.

The French forward will leave club this summer to start a new career in the Saudi League.

Speaking about the departure of Benzema, Ancelotti said: “I bid him farewell in the knowledge that I’ve coached one of the greatest players in the world and one of the best strikers. He’s a very kind, humble and earnest person.

“We can’t be pleased about his departure, but we have to respect his decision. He’s earned the right to choose and we all thank him for everything he’s done for this club. He’s been a legendary, unforgettable figure, and he’ll remain forever in the memory of this club.

“His departure has come as a surprise to everyone, but it has to be understood. It was a last minute decision. Yesterday he trained normally and today he’s taken this decision.

“We have accepted it. I spoke to him this morning and he said he was leaving and I understood. He’s done so well with me in these four years and also at the club. That’s why I want to thank him. He’s thought it through and his decision forms part of the transition of this club, which continues and will continue next year.

“We have time to reflect on what we have to do. We’ll have a competitive squad next year.”


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