Arsenal needs miracle to qualify for Champions League

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Arsenal will be needing a miracle from the God of football in order for them to qualify for next season Champions League.

Arsenal will need a huge miracle to qualify for next season Champions League following their defeat to Newcastle United in the Premier League.

The Gunners were in 5th position after fellow London team Tottenham Hotspur won their last game in the Premier League against Burnley.

Arsenal had the opportunity to reclaim their fourth position but jeopardized it with 2-0 defeat from Newcastle.

It has really been a tough season for the Gunners and qualifying for the Champions League will mean to them they have a successful season.

But things have turned around for them from bad to worse as it will only take a miracle for them to reclaim the fourth position back.

Some of the Premier League positions will be decided on the last day including the title which is between Manchester City and Liverpool.

Just like the title race, the last team to join Watford and Norwich in the relegation will be decided on the last day.

The Champions League spot for next season between Tottenham and Arsenal will also be decided but Spurs have 90 percent of the advantage.

Arsenal will face Everton who are trying to escape relegation on the last day and Frank Lampard’s side will not end the match without putting up a fight.

That will be a tough one for Arsenal on the last day because they will be fighting to claim all three points against a desperate Everton side.

Meanwhile, Tottenham just need a point against a relegated Norwich side in order for them to seal the Champions League qualification hope as they have lots of goals ahead of Arsenal.

Arsenal will be hoping Spurs lose their match against Norwich while they win against Everton on the last day so as to get the spot back.

But that will require a miracle from the God of football to happen because Arteta’s side jeopardized their chance of Champions League qualification already.


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