Klopp enjoying Liverpool’s growth this season

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Jurgen Klopp is happy and enjoying the growth of his team Liverpool this season as he admits Manchester City not dropping points against Aston Villa.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is enjoying the growth of his team this season following their FA Cup triumph over Chelsea.

Liverpool have now lifted the League cup and the FA cup with victory over Chelsea in a penalty shootout in both occasions.

Speaking about the growth and dominance of his team Klopp said: “I enjoy a lot of parts of our football, to be honest, in a lot of moments, but the level we played the first 25 minutes against Chelsea, in a final, that was different level, I have to say.

“We all know how good Chelsea is defensively, how they close the gaps here and there and spaces. I thought in these 25 minutes we were really outstanding and I was really happy to see that because we have to go from here somewhere. And this kind of football against very well-organised teams – for sure one of the best in the world – and being that dominant, I didn’t see us doing that too often.

“We are getting better and better and better in dominating games and controlling games. But that was, for me, the next step. That was really cool. I would love to see it for 90 minutes but probably Chelsea is too good for that and it’s absolutely fine.”

Liverpool will travel to Southampton tomorrow for their Premier League game and will seek to close the gap between themselves and league leaders Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola’s men dropped 2 points against the Hammers on Sunday but are still top of the league table.

If Liverpool win against Southampton the points will reduce to a point and the title winner will be decided on the last day.

Speaking about the title race Jurgen Klopp admits he do not think Manchester City will drop points against Aston Villa on the last day.

“I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow. Is it a chance, a big chance? I wouldn’t say so because I don’t know when City dropped points the last time two games in a row historically.

“So Aston Villa has to play in midweek when they are not used to that. As much as I’m sure they’re all professionals and these kind of things, they want to go at City, but City is a pretty good football team. So, I don’t expect City to drop points there. But that has no influence on our game for tomorrow. We know in an ideal world we go in the last matchday and are one point behind. That would be, from today’s point of view, the perfect scenario and that’s what we try to do.”



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