Chelsea will respect Alonso’s decision.

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Chelsea to respect Marcos Alonso’s decision on pointing to the badge rather than taking a knee in fighting racism.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says that the Blues will respect Marcos Alonso’s decision on fighting racism.

It has become a ritual in the Premier League to take a knee before the match to show a sign of condemning racism.

Chelsea left back Marcos Alonso has stated that he will rather point to the badge that says ‘No Room For Racism’ than taking a knee.

The Spaniard who also condemned racism says that the taking of knee is losing its strength of the message they are trying to pass.

Thomas Tuchel while speaking with media says that the club will respect the decision of the left back in pointing to the badge.

“It’s not a discussion in the group but of course if a player takes a decision like this, we’re not in a bubble,” Tuchel said.

“The most important thing for me is I know Marcos personally and trust 1000 per cent that he is committed against racism.

“There is no question about it. We are all against it.

“Marcos took his decision, and it’s a decision we accept. He gave his reasons and from here, the discussion can end, or can go on in a productive way to do more.”

He then went on to add: “Once you do a gesture, everybody does it, it becomes normal. Maybe it lowers the effect of it. If this is [Marcos’] point, I can see it.

“We can discuss. He is pretty aware of it. He’s experienced and responsible enough. Being against racism should be normal.

“I understand that Marcos thinks there is more to do, this is right.

“We need to use the platform and possibilities we have together, performances together, by living by example.”


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