Emma Raducanu Struggles Post-US Open victory

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Emma Raducanu has admitted that she sometimes regrets winning the 2021 US Open, but she recognizes that the joy of the victory outweighs the hurdles she has encountered. She has faced injuries, coaching changes, and mental struggles since her historic win.

Emma Raducanu has revealed that she occasionally wishes she hadn’t won the 2021 US Open, but she acknowledges that the joy of winning the title outweighs the challenges she has faced since then.

Raducanu burst onto the tennis scene with an impressive performance at Wimbledon when she was just 18 years old. A few months later, she made history by winning the US Open as a qualifier without losing a single match.

However, since her remarkable victory, Raducanu has encountered numerous setbacks, including various injuries. Most recently, she underwent surgery on both wrists and her ankle. Additionally, she has gone through several coaching changes, further complicating her journey.

During an interview with the Sunday Times, Raducanu candidly discussed her mental struggles since claiming her first Grand Slam title. Despite the challenges, she emphasized that the feeling of triumphing at such a prestigious tournament surpasses the difficulties she has faced along the way.

“I was struggling with the physical pain but the mental side of it was really difficult for me too. I always want to put forward the best version of myself, or strive for that, but I knew I couldn’t,” she added.

“I very much attach my self-worth to my achievements. If I lost a match I would be really down, I would have a day of mourning, literally staring at the wall. I feel things so passionately and intensely.”

“When you are on the tour, giving interviews, you don’t want to give that information out, what you are going through, how little you are practising. You don’t want to show your cards to your competitors.

“I was under so much pressure to perform, people had no idea what was going on and I had to have this façade, to keep everything inside. It has been really hard. And then to be scrutinised for it when they don’t know what is going on. I am very young and still learning and making mistakes. It is a lot harder when you are making mistakes in front of everyone, and everyone has something to say about it.”



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