Klopp: We need to find a way to tame Spurs

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Tottenham Hotspurs possesses the danger on counter attacks and Jurgen Klopp has stated that they need to find solution to that ahead of their game tomorrow.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists they need to find solution to calm their weekend opponent Tottenham Hotspurs when they visit Anfield tomorrow.

The London team is known for their ability to defend and also their dangerous counter attacks with their fast and experienced players.

Liverpool are on a mission to battle the league leader Manchester City in the Premier League title race as 1 point separate the two teams on the league table.

Meanwhile, Tottenham hotspurs also are seeking to close the gap between 4th place Arsenal so as to qualify for next season Champions League.

Having identifying the danger the London club possesses Jurgen Klopp have stated that they need a way to calm the attack of Tottenham.

“[It’s a] massive, massive test, definitely. I think if I would watch from outside I would say, ‘OK, that will be difficult, hey, for Liverpool?’ I don’t even have to look from the outside, because inside I know, yes, that it will be difficult”, Klopp said.

“All teams fight for everything, but, obviously, Tottenham has massive quality. Especially away from home, they are not too bothered about having the ball all the time, stuff like this. They defend compact, and these kinds of things, and then obviously [they have] some of the best counter-attacking players in the world.

“That’s definitely the truth as well. So, we need to find solutions for that. That’s what we try, and then give it a go. So, anyway, that it’s difficult, we know since we started long, long ago and now this one is difficult as well, but I’m still looking forward to it.”

Liverpool did a come back against Spanish club Villarreal to move them into the finals of the Champions League.

The Reds are also in the FA cup final and also fighting for the Premier League but the German has refused to show emotions about how close they are to 3 more trophies.

“This time it’s Tottenham, Klopp added. That’s it. So, we don’t think too much, but it’s more a feeling that we know that we get closer [to] the end of May. What is it today? The sixth, or so? So, in 22 days, 23 days, we know everything. Between now and then, [it’s] a lot of games, and we cannot play them all together, but we can play one after the other and that’s what we do. Now it’s Tottenham. Yes, the feeling is good, but we still are able to play like the first half against Villarreal. We felt brilliant before the game, and played really bad. So, let’s make sure that we play good.”



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