Tuchel: We have to fight against our normal behaviour

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Thomas Tuchel has demanded beyond normal attitude from his players ahead of their match against Wolves at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has stated that that they need to go against their normal behaviour when they welcome Wolves to the Stamford bridge tomorrow.

It been a tough moment for the Blues losing the League cup to Liverpool and also crashed out of the Champions League against a tough side Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

Their recent defeat came in the hands of relegation threatened side Everton and are been chased by fellow London team Arsenal on the League table.

Speaking ahead of their game against Wolves in the Premier League Tuchel has demanded more than normal from his side and believes it will start with their physical input against Wolves.

“If you come from big knock-out matches like at Real Madrid and Wembley, then after a busy schedule you suddenly go back to the league and play for points and maybe the team had a bit the feeling we had not so much to win, not so much to lose, and you maybe lose a little bit of the edge,” Tuchel said. “This can already be enough to lose matches and then you lose a bit of the confidence.

“So there are many reasons and it is also maybe normal that it happens, but normal is hard to accept for us because we demand more than normal and we are in a type of league situation where normal does not bring us to the goals that we demand from ourselves.

“So we have to fight it, go against it, against ourselves, against our normal behaviour to drop a little bit and be back on the top level. It starts with physical input from tomorrow.”

Tuchel insists that the mentality level of the team has dropped which has caused them to drop point in the League.

The added that they prefer to play in the Champions League because they are top team and want to play in the highest level.

“We had a week to prepare which was nice, but not nice because we prefer to play Champions League. But it was nice to have the team, to have influence in training, to set the focus on the things we want to improve and we want to meet our standards and we demand a lot from us.

“I think there’s a lot of reasons why it’s sometimes almost normal to drop the intensity and the level of effort, but as we are an elite sports team and we compete on the highest level there’s not much room for normal behaviour. We want elite behaviour and this includes me so we need to step up, show another reaction and show that we can play better, we can have more impact and more effort in the matches, starting from tomorrow.”




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