Lampard place value on himself ahead of Wolves

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Frank Lampard keen on proving himself at Chelsea again as he prepare to face Wolves in the Premier League.

Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard says he wants to do a great job following his return to management as the Blues caretaker manager.

The owner of Chelsea appoint former player and manager to take over at Stamford bridge following the exit of Graham Potter.

Lampard, who was replaced by Thomas Tuchel said he now understands the role of the job at Chelsea.

“It is clear what the role is in terms of the title of the role, and I’m absolutely understanding that,” Lampard confirms.

“I want to do as well as I can in this period to show that I’m capable of coaching and managing really well. Then we’ll see what happens.

“I’ve got no problems, I don’t need answers to that point [about the future]. I’ve taken the job under these conditions exactly knowing what it is. Now it’s just for me to do it very well.

“This is a club that I’m connected to so I just want to do well in this moment and then after that of course, it may mean that I say thank you very much, I think I’ve given everything there and hopefully it is positive. And that’s it.

“I can’t get ahead of my station at all. I’m just here to try to affect this period.

“From a selfish reason you want to do well in this period, because I have a professional ego where I want to be the best I can be,” he adds.

“I want to be as good as possible but I want the feeling of being a manager here with a good group that wins football games, because there is nothing better. So that’s why I’m here.”



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