Son Heung-Min Criticizes Spurs’ Softness

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Son Heung-Min Criticizes Spurs’ Softness as West Ham Inflict Fifth Straight Drop from Winning Positions

Tottenham Hotspur faced a disheartening defeat against West Ham, squandering an early lead to suffer their fifth consecutive setback after being ahead in Premier League games.

The 2-1 loss marked a historic downfall for the team, becoming the first side in Premier League history to drop points from a winning position in five consecutive matches.

Forward Son Heung-Min, visibly disappointed by the team’s performance, expressed his dissatisfaction in a post-match interview.

He highlighted the team’s inability to capitalize on their early leads and labeled their inability to secure wins as “unacceptable,” emphasizing the need for players to take responsibility.

“We lost the game which is unacceptable,” Son remarked. “You get the lead five times in a row and losing the game I think is unacceptable and as players, we should take responsibility.”

Son pointed out the team’s apparent lack of energy and resilience, stating that even with a comfortable lead, they failed to maintain intensity, ultimately resulting in losses.

Manager Ange Postecoglou echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the team’s need to grind out results rather than solely focus on playing an entertaining style of football.

He highlighted the team’s failure to convert dominance into victories and stressed the importance of securing wins over exhibiting stylish play.

“It’s another game where we dominated a game of football and we didn’t turn that into something more… we have a long way to go as a team,” Postecoglou expressed in a post-match conference.

Despite suffering from numerous injuries and missing key players, Spurs find themselves in a slump, currently fifth in the Premier League after leading the standings in October.

The team faces mounting pressure to rectify their performance and convert dominance into victories as they strive to regain their winning form in the league.



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