Moyes: We didn’t underestimate Sevilla’s quality

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David Moyes claims they didn’tt underetimated Sevilla in their victory in the Europa League game, Declan Rice claims it was his best night at West Ham so far.

West Ham manager David Moyes claims they didn’t underestimate the quality of Spanish side Sevilla in the Europa League.

The Hammer got through to the next round of the game after defeating Sevilla 2-0 in extra time.

Moyes couldn’t contain his joy after the victory as he says he is proud of his players performance in the match.

Speaking after the game with the media Moyes says the Sevilla side have quality among them as they are second in La Liga.

“I’m really pleased at the crowd, they had to stay [with us] right to the end and we got the goal in the last few minutes, but it was deserved.

“It was deserved throughout, we kept at them all night, we never realty really let them away with anything.

“We kept the pressure on as much as we could and we mustn’t forget that they are second in La Liga. Atletico Madrid beat Manchester United, Villarreal beat Juventus, so don’t underestimate the quality of the Spanish sides, especially Sevilla who continually win this competition and are really difficult to play against.”

West Ham midfielder Declan Rice hails the supporters for their incredible support in the game.

He added that he has played in many big games as a player but the European night was the best night he has at West Ham.

“The fans were incredible. The players were incredible. I think that’s probably the best we’ve played all season. We knew it meant, gave everything for the badge, and left everything out there. It got us the result.

“I’m lost for words. Walking round the pitch, taking it in. I love West Ham fans. They care so much about this club. They demand 100% and if you do that, they treat you as one of their own. It was special to be on the pitch tonight.

“I’ve played in big games before like Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea. But European wise, this tonight will never be topped. We were 1-0 down, we knew Sevilla were such a good team. We knew with our fans and the quality on the pitch we could do it today. It’s probably the best night I’ve had at West Ham.”



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