Staveley believes Abramovic treatment is unfair

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Amanda Staveley has stated that the treatment of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic is unfair.

Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley has stated that the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic is treated unfair with Chelsea.

Abramovic has put up the London club Chelsea for sale following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and he is threatened that his asset would be taken away from him.

Abramovich stated that his decision to sell Chelsea on Wednesday evening, saying he believes “it is in the best interest of the club” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Offers for the Champions League holders are expected, according to the PA news agency, amid high interest in one of the world’s most attractive and high-profile football assets.

Meanwhile, Staveley has stated that Abramovich has been treated unfairly and has dismissed concerns about the Saudi-backed £300m takeover of Newcastle.

Speaking at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit, Staveley said: “We are always going to have geopolitical issues. This world is never going to not have problems, and I know it is really hard and I am really sad today that someone [Roman Abramovich] is going to have a football club [Chelsea] taken away because of a relationship they may have with someone [Russia president Vladimir Putin]. I do not think that is particularly fair, actually, to be honest.

“But I also think that we have to hold all of our relationships to account. And I think that we have also got to remember with Saudi [Arabia] that it is an incredibly big, important country that I love. I love the people there. It is a young, vibrant population and I have seen Saudi [Arabia] change so much.

“And I am not talking now as [from a perspective of] Newcastle, I am talking as me. So these are my thoughts because I have really got to know a lot of people, and I am excited that… I would rather everybody look and get excited about football than being involved in war.”





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