Top players that have served jail term

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Here are top players in the history of football to serve jail term for and their offences.

Football like we all know is one of the most watched sports in the world and these footballer players are seen as role models to some of the fans.

Some times we criticize these players forgetting that they are human and not Angels and they are liable to make mistakes.

While some players have misbehaved on the pitch some have committed atrocities that does not speak well to their career.

This article is written to let us know some players that have gone to prison and what crime landed them their jail terms.

Duncan Ferguson

Duncan Ferguson is one the best striker in the history of Scotland, He played in the Scottish league and also in the Premier League.

He was once the interim manager at Everton before moving back to be one of the first team coach for the Merseyside club.

Duncan Ferguson has had four convictions for assault which one was a head butt on Raith Rovers defender John Mcstay in 1994.

He was sentenced to three month in prison for the incident but was later released after serving 44 days in prison.


Joey Barton

Joey Barton was England international footballer who played as a midfielder during his playing days.

He made 269 appearances in the Premier League including 130 for Manchester City.

Barton is the current manager of League two side Bristol Rovers.

Barton was often involved in controversies on the pitch during his playing days and have served prison sentences twice for violent charges.

Barton was charged when he drove his car into the pedestrian in Liverpool City centre.

He was convicted for assault and and he served 77 days in prison and also received a four-month suspension from football because he admitted to assault former Manchester City teammate Ousmane Dabo.


Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is one of the best players in the Premier League back in the days and he was known for his dribbling skills.

He won the Premier League title with Manchester City but was involved in some atrocity.

The former Sunderland player was convicted of child sex offence in 2016 while he was playing for the club and he was sacked immediately after the incident.

Johnson was released from prison after he served half of the 6-years he was to serve due to good behaviour.


The great Ronaldinho has played for top clubs in Europe and he is known for his tricks on the pitch.

He has won numerous title in the Spanish League and also won the Champions League while playing for Barcelona.

The Brazilian also have lifted the World cup and have been awarded the Ballon D’ Or during his playing time.

Ronaldinho was involved in a fake passport incident in 2020 and the spent 5 month in prison.

The court found him guilty of forging passport documents while traveling with his brother Roberto de Assis to Paraguay.

The pair were offered a plea deal and saw their sentenced reduced to 5 months and also paying a combined fee of $200,000.

Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy has won the Premier League winner with Manchester City and has been accused of seven charges of rape and sexual assault in 2021. The Frenchman was sentenced to spend time behind bars at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool but was moved to a top-security prison – HMP Manchester, before Christmas of 2021 amid fears over his safety.

Mendy got out on bail later on strict conditions and will stand a trial for his charges in late January 2022. The France international has since been suspended by Manchester City.


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