Xavi slammed again after draw in Europa League

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Xavi Hernandez blamed for their draw againt Napoli in the Europa cup.

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has been slammed following their 1-1 draw against Napoli in the Europa League.

The former Barcelona captain came under criticism once again after he was blamed for their draw against Espanyol in the La Liga.

Italian side scored early in the first half of the game but Barcelona were able to equalize in the second half to rescue a draw in camp Nou.

Former Manchester City player Ferran Torres was also blamed for missing clear chances that would have given them the victory.

Following a video posted by Barcelona on their Twitter page, Xavi claims they dominated the game and would have won it.

But fans have come for the Spaniard again saying he keep give the same old story.

Some fans were also angry that he left Ferran Torres on the pitch for 90 minutes despite missing incredible chances.

Here are some of the comments.

you would get much more benching ferran torres but you will force starting him because of how much he costs
Xavi caused this. Is it a must ferran play 90 minutes stop been bias. Using Spanish players alone… can you tell me match that ferran impress? Start dembele and Adama and aboumoyang/ luuk together
It doesn’t matter if you deserved to win. If you can’t capitalize on opportunities to score and put points on the board the only thing you did well was burn the clock.
Domineering doesn’t define good performance; only results shows the good to talk about . We known for the best nor of this unremitting that quell our best own best.
Ferran Torres cost you
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